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The very First Lassi Bar in Paris

72 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75005

Mahacafé concept

The very First Lassi Bar in Paris

The first tea-salon to import the idea of Lassi bar in France, Mahacafé combines tradition with modernity to let you discover India throught its sweet tastes. Tea-salon with pastel colors, comfortable and bright, we invite you for a little break in a stressless and enchanting atmosphere. Begin the day with a gajar halwa, discover Indian bentos, warm yourself up with a massalai chai for tea break: all the moments are good for sheltering in Mahacafé ! What started as a quick discovery expedition will quickly become Your favorite place for a break !

Oriental scents and flavors

Do you know Massala Chai, Almond Messoub or milk-shake with home-made Kulfi ice-cream ? Every moment in Mahacafé sounds like a tale of a long colorful trip, and every savouring is a new stopover. Ingredients and locations are carefully selected to recreate an oriental experience for your palate. Lovers and curious, backpacker and sumptuous travelers: it's up to you to compose culinar travel itinerary in Mahacafé.

For relaxation moments ...

Lassi Mangue Imagine yourself on a white-sand beach under the sun of Chennai, with turquoise sea in front of you and the freshness of a slowly savoured mango Lassi, the music of the waves and the soothing seaside atmosphere... It's exactly this feeling we want to give every guest in Mahacafé

...and exceptional moments

Lassi Rose The Mahacafé is also the small pleasurable moment you allow yourself, after a hardworked week or to celebrate a great success. Our customers often think of Mahacafé like a small gift they had kept for the perfect moment, when the envy is at its top and the appreciation is well deserved.

Come and discover


72 boulevard Saint-Germain
75005 Paris

+33 1 43 54 27 41
contact (at)

Métro 10 Maubert-Mutualité
RER B Saint-Michel Notre-Dame
Bus 47, 63, 86, 87

Certified for PRM (Persons with Reduced Mobility)

Open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00AM to 7:00PM
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2 minutes from station Saint-Michel Notre Dame, and in the center of the student life in the Latin Quarter of Paris, the Mahacafé is both a good surprise for strollers and a habit-made place for aficionados.

Du petit-déjeûner au goûter

A trip to India in the heart of Paris

Our Lassis

From northern India to Paris

"An oriental and traditional treasure for all, Lassi (from hindi लस्सी lassī) is one of the great culinar gifts from Indian culture. It has travelled west to France and adapted to Western tastes and habits. In India or Pakistan, recipes are based on Yoghurt or slightly fermented milk, either regular or perfumed with flowers or fruits. From the softness of rose water to the freshness of lemon, the most popular recipes can be found in the menu of all Indian gourmets. Fruits recipes are also very popular, for example with strawberries or raspberries. Some recipes, like saffron lassi, originate in millenar cities like Singh (Pakistan) or Jodhpur (India).

Nowadays, Lassis are loved way beyond the frontiers of the former Indian Empire, their tastes coming from local fruits (mangoes, bananas) or new combinations (nuts, kiwis) which turn curious tasters into aficionados. In Paris, French City with the most Indian restaurants (and second in Europe behind London), chefs are expressing their Lassi creativity as never before. The concept of Lassi bar, which is very popular in India, is born in France with the Mahacafé."

What to eat with Lassi ?

There is not one, but several Lassis, and not all combinations will suit your taste. The soft sweetness of regular lassis will be perfect for spiciest meals, while stronger fruits lassis will match fried bread perfectly in the breakfast. Still, beyond "Lassiology", all preferences are still personal and it is up to everyone to try finding their own !

100% Mahacafé made Lassi

Many restaurants or bars will tell you "their drinks can't be found elsewhere" without telling you why. As far as the Mahacafé is concerned, we create all our Lassi by ourselves by fermenting milk. The wide range of tastes in the menu is the result of many years of customer feedbacks from restaurant The Maharajah.

Tous nos lassis sont préparés le jour même sur place

and still evolving

Harmony between tastes, texture, feeling, perfume, and colors is the permanent quest of Mahacafé chefs. We enjoy creating and recreating the Lassi drink while still respecting the tradition. What our customers drank yesterday is not what they drink today, and is neither what they will drink tomorrow. Now Lassi is not only a restaurant drink, but more and more a breakfast or movie drink.

Every detail counts, and customers' feedback helps defining the everyday "Lassi experience"

Nos Bentōs

Indian meal, made simple

How to combine the pleasure of a high quality indian food and the easyness of a take away meal ? Our last travel to Japan gave us the idea: Bentō ! This little compartmented box is perfect to mix several flavours into a consistent meal. Our bentōs include rice, vegetables with spice, a pakora doughnut, crunchy achar vegetables, and of course, the daily curry (chicken or lamb). A vegetarian version is also available.

Ideal solution for picnics or just for office lunches, our boxes are microwave-oven ready, or can be savoured in the Mahacafé with a menu (adding a Nan or a drink). All-in-one tasty quality meal is ready for you !

Our teas

Original selection

We selected for you a range of black indian teas, 100% organic. On top of it, we also propose you a green tea and an African Rooibos. Every tea mix is prepared by an expert to match perfectly our meals and pastries. Travel to Bengalore with a fruity mango black tea, or let your tastebuds be awaken by the power of a spicy Chai, before a soothing rest in Beijing with a green bergamot tea

Exceptional quality

In the tea industry, tea leaf grading is the process of evaluating products based on the quality and condition of the tea leaves themselves. The highest grades are referred to as "orange pekoe", and the lowest as "fannings" or "dust". Our tea laves are graded FTGFOP 1, which means "Finest Tippy Golden Orange Pekoes grades", which is almost the highest grad you can find on the market.

See Tea Leaf grading for more information

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The Mahacafé experience is like the tale of travelers that our visitors keep on spreading. Everyday we meet new people enjoying their discovery and old people coming back for more joy. We invite you all to join all of us on the following networks.

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